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ACAM Membership

ACAM is a membership organisation dedicated to advancing standards in aesthetic medicine. Membership to ACAM entitles registered practitioners, the support they require to achieve their professional goals, and continued professional development.

Membership includes access to a range of benefits, courses, industry news and updates as well as access to an extensive professional community and support network.

ACAM offers medical practitioner, nurse and fellowship memberships.

Full Member
$ 660 / year
  • Joining Fee $200(AUD Inc GST)

  • Applies to fully registered medical practitioners

$ 770 / year
  • Fellowship of the College certifies professional competence in aesthetic medicine according to the college’s prescribed standards.

Aesthetic Registered Nurse Member
$ 580 / year
  • Joining Fee $100 (AUD Inc GST)

  • Applies to registered nurses (RN) with minimum 2 years experience

Full Members receive the following benefits:
Fellow Members receive the following benefits in addition to the benefits of being a full member:
Aesthetic Registered Nurse Members receive the following benefits:

Aesthetic registered nurse form an integral part of the cosmetic medical profession and the Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine (ACAM) sees the positive benefits of including appropriately trained nurses as members in order to establish industry standards, promote a code of ethics and scope of practice and to provide ongoing support.

Who can apply to be a member?

Membership application process

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Discount to members include the following:
Other Discounts / Benefits
Course Registration for ACAM Members

Current ACAM members gain access to course discounts by logging-in to their ACAM dashboard and booking via the course platform. Discounts will be automatically applied at the checkout and payment can be made online.