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  • CPD is required by all registered with APHRA in Australia.
  • The ACAM CPD program mimics programs administered by other colleges. The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) mandates certain CPD to maintain your registration.
  • There is a required CPD of 50 hours per year of each year of the triennium (current period is 2020-2022 inclusive. The MBA requirements can be found here
CPD Dashboard
  •  The dashboard is access via your Member’s Portal;
  • The CPD dashboard has been organised into domains/tiers, recognising the difficulty or weighting of certain activities;
  • Difference activities are listed under each Tier, it is suggested that you explore each drop down menu to be familiar with the Tier structure;
  • Your certificates of completion are required as PDF to load to your dashboard.
To log your CPD Dashborad
  • Log on to the Member’s Portal
  • Locate My Portal
  • CPD  [NEW]
  • Open CPD  [NEW]
  • Follow instructions to load the dashboard
  • *note PDF copies of your certificates will be needed for loading to the dashboard as evidence of completion
Once your CPD has been completed
  • Download your CPD certificate
  • The CPD standard for MBA can be found here
The Current Triennium

The current triennium completed on December 31st , 2022.