Announcement of Written Examination
- Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine 2014

Dr Sharron Phillipson


The Australasian College of Aesthetic Medicine will be holding the written examination for the Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine on:

Monday 17 November, 2014
Venue: Swan Lake Room Mantra Southbank, 31 City Road, Melbourne
Time: 9.00 am

MCQ Paper this paper consists of 100 multiple-choice questions (5 parts each- total of 500 questions) over a 2-hour period in true/false format. There are no negative markings in the multiple choice question paper. This examination will cover a range of topics including but not limited to topical agents for the ageing face, non surgical facial rejuvenation, chemical peels, vascular and pigmented lasers, laser resurfacing, Botulinum Toxin, dermal fillers, hirsutism and laser hair removal.

Following successful completion of the written examination the requirements for the Diploma in Cosmetic Medicine before proceeding to the Viva examination include:

  2. 3 Day Introductory Course in Cosmetic Medicine
  3. 2 years fulltime equivalent experience in Cosmetic Medicine
  4. 2 written references for Cosmetic Medicine experience

The viva examinations are conducted approximately 4 weeks following the written examination. Only candidates who have successfully passed the written exam are invited to sit for the Viva exams. This will involve a 60-minute oral examination. The Viva examination is related to your personal clinical experience and cannot be studied for.

Best wishes to all doctors sitting for this examination

Sharron Phillipson


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